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Hospital Information

After your initial consultation, if surgery is required, it is carried out at the following locations:

Minor procedures are performed at the MIC rooms under local anaesthesia.

However, in more difficult cases or for more extensive surgery, procedures are performed under a general anaesthesia in a private hospital.

Our Surgeons Operate at:

Medical History Form

Please complete your Medical History Form prior to your first consultation at MIC.

Admission & Consent Forms

Hospital admission forms and consent forms must be completed as soon as possible after booking a procedure. They must then be forwarded to the appropriate hospital.

Before you print out your paperwork for the hospital, you need to obtain a CONSENT FOR OPERATION /PROCEDURE FORM from the Maxillofacial and Implant Centre. Please contact our rooms on 07 5437 9888 so we can email this to you. You will need to fill this form in and send it with your paperwork to the hospital.

Hospital Admission & Consent Forms

Download, complete and sign the appropriate forms for your procedure. The completed form should be sent to the appropriate hospital prior to your procedure booking.

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