Instructions after placement of Dental Implants

Following your implant surgery you’ll be given some Panadeine Forte and possibly some antibiotics if required. Following your surgery, pain will be most severe within the first 6-8 hours after the operation. Moderate to severe pain usually does not last longer than 48 hours. Mild discomfort usually diminishes after the third day and you may also experience a little discomfort around the area that can last for several weeks. An over-the-counter pain relief such as Panadol or Nurofen will be sufficient.

In order to minimise swelling and bleeding you may want to keep your head elevated for the first 24 hours and relax as much as possible. Avoid all strenuous activities for at least three days following the implant surgery. Ice packs on the area are also good to help reduce swelling.

You will be asked to rinse your mouth with warm salty water – one teaspoon of salt in a cup of water – about three times a day to keep the area clean. Clean your implant(s) twice daily using a soft toothbrush; you can also use floss. After you have received your permanent restoration, your new teeth will be just as stable as your natural ones and include them in your daily oral routine. Professional cleaning is important too, so regular check ups and cleans with your dentist are advised. You should care for your dental implant in the same manner as you would for your natural teeth.

If problems arise, please phone the MIC office (not your dentist or doctor) on (07) 5437 9888.

Surgical Instructions & Information: