General Information about Anaesthesia for Patients

Most of the procedures we perform require some form of anaesthesia. No one looks forward to oral surgery procedures, but the Maxillofacial & Implant Centre offers a wide range of techniques to relieve the pain and anxiety associated with wisdom tooth removal, implant placement, jaw surgery, facial reconstruction, tooth extraction, and biopsies. During an initial consultation, the surgeon will take a comprehensive history designed to help recommend the safest and most effective anesthesia for your procedure.

The anesthesia plan will involve a combination of agents that target pain, both during and after the operation. General anesthesia is only used in a hospital and is administered intravenously. Local anesthesia is used at the MIC and is injected into the site to provide pain relief, both during and following the procedure.

Oral medications provide post-operative pain control and can be self -administered in the days following the procedure. It is important to understand what form of anesthesia is planned for any procedure and to follow pre-operative instructions precisely. Some types of anesthesia require that food or fluid not be consumed for at least eight hours prior to surgery. In addition, the patient will need transportation and supervision after the procedure

Surgical Instructions & Information: