Post Operative Pain Relief Information

Our standard regime for pain relief is to take two paracetamol tablets and one Nurofen tablet every four hours if awake (for example Panadol, Herron paracetamol, Panamax) for 48 hours after the procedure and then as required.

If the paracetamol and Nurofen combination is insufficient, use the Panadeine Forte we provide, instead of the paracetamol. Keep taking the Nurofen. Panadeine Forte contains a standard dose of paracetamol plus a large dose of codeine. Take half to one Panadeine Forte tablet and repeat in half an hour if necessary. Only use Panadeine Forte for severe pain.

Your anaesthetist will notify you of any restrictions to this regime.

Ice packs

You will need to purchase ice packs to help reduce pain and swelling, and frozen peas are the best ice pack on the market! They do not need to contain mint or corn and any brand will do! Buy one packet for each cheek, and keep one spare for each cheek.

As soon as you arrive home, apply the first pack to each cheek and put the spares in the freezer. We do not want you to get frostbite of the cheek so place a layer of towel between your cheek and the bag of peas. Use a “20 minutes on, 20 minutes off” regime. By having two bags for each side, you can rotate the bags to allow them time to refreeze.