Maxillofacial & Implant Centre Sunshine Coast
Maxillofacial & Implant Centre Sunshine Coast

Welcome to the Maxillofacial & Implant Centre

At the MIC, we deal with the surgical treatment of diseases, disorders and malformations of the mouth, teeth, jaws and associated structures. Our Oral and Maxillofacial surgeons, Dr. Ian Young and Dr. Jim McGown manage a wide variety of problems relating to the mouth, teeth and facial regions. They practice the full scope of Oral and Maxillofacial surgery with expertise ranging from the treatment of minor oral surgical conditions to the insertion of dental implants, surgery to correct jaw deformities, the treatment of facial fractures and temporomandibular joint conditions.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality of Oral and Maxillofacial surgery. The team at the MIC is experienced, well trained and highly motivated to offer you the highest level of professional care in a relaxed and friendly environment.


Maxillofacial Surgery

MIC is staffed by experienced Oral & Maxillofacial surgeons who perform a wide range of procedures to address the functional and aesthetic aspects of problems with your mouth, teeth, jaw and associated structures.  We operate from various locations throughout Queensland.

Dental Implants

Our Oral & Maxillofacial surgeons have over 20 years’ experience in placing dental implants. They restore dental function through the insertion of tiny titanium posts into the jawbone where teeth are missing or to stabilise loose dentures or replace them altogether with fixed bridges.

Wisdom Teeth

The MIC team can evaluate the position of the wisdom teeth and predict if there may be future problems like disruption of the natural alignment of the teeth or the formation of cysts or tumours. The offending tooth can then easily be removed to achieve a better outcome for the patient.

Why Us?

Dentists from all over Queensland refer their patients to the team at MIC in cases where the complexity of treatment warrants specialist care. They value our expertise, experience and support.

The MIC Oral and Maxillofacial surgeons are highly experienced in evaluating the need for removal of wisdom teeth, particularly in cases where the tooth becomes impacted. They will recommend appropriate options to treat the symptoms and prevent any associated problems like gum infections, decay or cysts and tumours developing in the future.

Having over 20 years’ experience in implants ensures our team of Oral and Maxillofacial surgeons are in the best position to help decide if dental implants are an option and the extent of the treatment required.  Whether using implants to replace missing teeth or stabilising loose dentures, the procedure to restore dental function is conducted with minimal discomfort.

The MIC Oral and Maxillofacial surgeons are highly qualified and experienced professionals capable of diagnosing problems of the oral and maxillofacial areas. As a team they strive to improve function or appearance of these areas by performing surgery and undertaking procedures to treat diseases, injuries or defects. The team’s special clinical interests include orthognathic surgery, cleft lip and palate surgery, trauma, reconstructive surgery and implantology.

As a practice, MIC offers competitively priced options for both insured and uninsured patients, supporting better access to the care required by the individual, better oral health and less overall health complications for the members of the communities in our service areas.

Our team of Oral and Maxillofacial surgeons are committed to reducing patients’ concerns by providing appointments as soon as possible. We have availability across a variety of conveniently located sites and pride ourselves in offering excellent treatment in a caring environment, at a time that best suits the patient.

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